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I’m thrilled you’re here. Join me for a virtual walk on the beach and a chat. I’d love to know how you’d like to uplevel your relationships, business, health or creative expression.

Bringing Spirit to Life™ coaching is all about you. You are important. Your life matters. You make a difference. Now is the time. This is the place.

Bring Your Spirit to Life.



“You are what you have been looking for.” -Ernest Holmes


Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner


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Private Half-day Retreats

Morning or afternoon private retreat co-designed and tailored to focus on YOU.  Have you been wondering what your Life Purpose is?  Do you have a powerful Life Vision Declaration?  Would you like to clear out stagnate energy with chakra balancing and restoring?  Perhaps you’d like to take your meditation practice to the next level?  Hone your Life Visioning skills?  Honor yourself with a Love Ritual?  Release the past and step into the Present?  This 3-hour gift to yourself can explore just about anything to serve your personal and spiritual growth!  Using my vast array of tools I will facilitate activities (energy, meditation, visualizations, visioning, beginning or releasing rituals, etc.) that speak to your desires. Prior to meeting I will send you a list of thought questions. Your answers will assist me in creating a meaningful experience for you. Contact me on the form below to set up a time to discuss dates and your focus.  This retreat can be in-person or virtual! In May I am facilitating in-person private retreats in Florida. June thru September I am facilitating in-person private retreats in New Mexico and Colorado.

What people are saying …

“I have so much to be grateful for, and I am grateful to Kat and the coaching work we have done together over the last year. Kat has helped me to clarify what is important for and to me. This was a big shift from where I was, and how I approached my work and life earlier. Once my head and heart were in sync, life became amazing! I shed a lot of past behaviors, ideas, and limiting beliefs. Now I am living with purpose, I experience success, prosperity, and abundance in my life, and I live in joyful expectation that something even greater is already coming to me. Every day is creative and fun!”


Oslo, Norway

“Katrina Borneman has a powerful message of infinite possibility to offer and she lives that message day-to-day. She is an extraordinary spiritual teacher who brings a unique combination of unconditional love and great clarity on spiritual principles to her students and clients. Katrina’s creative and adventurous spirit inspire all who come in contact with her.”

Gregory Toole

Author, Visionary

Kat, you are a talented coach. Lovely, lovely and unexpected journey — thank you.”


Gardner, CO

“A year after working with Kat I found that my business was right where I only dreamed it would be. The perspective work around the possibilities I could create for my business were inspiring and pulled me toward my goals. Now I have two employees and have quadrupled my business. Before working with Kat, I hadn’t even considered the possibility of having employees. Anyone wanting to break out of their current structure of knowing and take their business to the next level needs to work with a coach – it’s transformational.”


Sonoma, CA

“I would like to share an extremely exciting success story with you as I owe a large part of this success to the work that we have done together. On Friday, I was hired by my first celebrity client and I charged my largest planning fee to date (a fair fee for the complexity of the case)!!! This took place because I was proactive, assertive, confident and took a chance. … I would like to thank you because I believe the work we have done together directly helped me to prepare for and create this opportunity.”


San Francisco, CA

I coach my clients to success. Here are some of their brilliant results:

Doubled and more than doubled their business (& income) within a year

Expanded their solo-entrepreneurships hiring employees (they couldn’t believe it!)

Landed Celebrity Clients

Have called forth (and married) the Love of their lives (and created the families they deeply desired)

Have Published Books that were still just ‘ideas’

Learned that their corporate job is exactly where they wanted to be & then began to thrive there

Get ‘un-stuck’ and stop hanging out in the little box called their Comfort Zone

Identified their purpose and changed careers successfully and easily

Allow their Vision to guide their decisions in all areas of their lives

Live empowered lives knowing they don’t HAVE to do anything, they are always at CHOICE

When you have one foot on the boat and one on the dock you’re just doing the splits (ouch).

I’m here to empower you to fully jump on board and commit to living your vision.

Work with Me

Listen to your Heart

Trust Yourself

Your heart is your intelligence center. I’ve never heard anyone say, “I shouldn’t have listened to my intuition.” Your heart’s wisdom is your intuition. It isn’t random. This inner guidance is always available to keep you right on course.

Listen deeply.

Free Your Mind

Get Rid of Monkey Mind (for good)

You are Master of your Mind, not the other way around. Our thoughts don’t think us. Mental clarity is vitally important to hear the inner promptings of your heart so that you stay the course.

Be master of your thoughts.

You are the Gift

One, brilliant, unique YOU

You have a vision and purpose that only you can bring forth and fulfill.  It’s time to live your vision and purpose, set powerful intentions to manifest your deepest desires & Bring Your Spirit to Life.

Share your gifts.

“You are what you have been looking for.” – E. Holmes This Thing Called You

I love this quote from Ernest Holmes. This Thing Called You was my first introduction to Holmes and the Science of Mind. It informs me that everything I need is already within me. After years of study, becoming a licensed practitioner, and then teaching, I witnessed so many students “light up” upon reading this line and making this quote their own. I invite you to personalize it now by saying, “I am what I have been looking for.” Say it again aloud and with feeling. What feelings come up for you? One student even wrote a magnificent song upon hearing it for the first time, “There is One Life” by John Niec.

Our coaching relationship begins here: you have all the answers within you.  I share powerful spiritual technologies and beneficial coaching tools with you to illuminate the wealth of wisdom that already lives within you. You discover and clarify your Vision, your Purpose and your Values. Then we’ll chart a course setting powerful Intentions for your journey to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in six-months or a year. Completely supported, encouraged, reminded of your magnificence, the real fun begins – Bringing Your Spirit to Life! – in all of your daily activities by living from your vision and honoring your values.

Kat Kristina Audrey SueI am Visioning Goddess! Visioning and Spiritual Mind Treatment are the two most powerful spiritual technologies I’ve encountered. I use both daily in my own life. You will learn both tools to use on your own. Visioning is consciously participating in our soul’s evolution to tap into the eternal well-spring of wisdom that lives within us. A consistent Visioning practice tunes us into our intuition. We learn to discern our voice of intuition from all the other voices and to listen, trust and take action on its superior guidance. The more we Vision the more we carry the ability to tap into our intuition all the time, not just during meditation.

image383Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative Prayer is based on ancient wisdom and the creative principle or Law of Mind. Prayer works. As a licensed Religious Science Practitioner, I am committed to sharing this powerful tool and setting the creative principle into action in the lives of my clients. A coaching relationship with me is based in spirituality, not religion, and I have worked with people of many faiths and beliefs, including atheists. I embrace many paths. I have studied with Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, have sat front row enjoying teachings with the Dalai Lama, practice the Essene Gospels of Peace and love Jesus as the Master Teacher.

Kat VisioningA powerful assessment tool the Life Wheel gives a snap shot of how satisfied we feel in 10-areas of our lives at any given time. This information sheds light on where we organically need to focus our energy and attention on what experiences we desire to change or create. The Wheel is also used to gain fresh perspectives and insights as well as to create movement or action strategies.

The Future Journey exercises informs us of “who we are becoming” and organically gives clues as to what we value most in life. By organically, I mean that instead of being given a list of values to choose from where the mind gets all into judging what it thinks should be important, we identify what truly makes our heart sing.

Explore the Possibilities

1Sunset at Bodega BayIt’s easy to get started. Let’s connect to set up an initial 30-minute complimentary session to  explore what you want to achieve and how you’ll be served by a coaching relationship with me. There are three types of Coaching Packages available: A VIP Session – 4-hours to focus on an immediate result, and 6-month and One Year packages. I’ll help you choose the one that fits best with what you’d like to achieve. All sessions are via phone or Skype (unless we happen to be on the same beach somewhere on the planet!).

“After the enlightening and fun individual coaching session with Katrina and the visioning tips and experience from both Katrina and Kristina, it was gratifying to know I CAN learn to think and vision for myself! I DO have powers I had forgotten or was unaware of to make my life what I want it to be!


Walsenburg, CO

“Working with Katrina enabled me to rediscover who I am. I understand my core beliefs, goals, and desires. The coaching experience gave me the gift of freeing the power within myself to move forward to making my dreams a reality. The skills I learned reflect in all areas of my life; the way I engage in my career, interact with my family, pursue my dreams, and look at myself. Knowing who I am gives me the freedom to define how I walk through my life and has allowed me to spread my wings and fly.”


Concord, CA

Your Life Matters, You are Important & You Make a Difference

Shine Your Light, Share Your Love and Bring Your Spirit to Life

in your career, business, relationships, health and whatever your heart desires.

I appreciated the freedom that Katrina brought to my thoughts and feelings.  It was very helpful to fly to CO, where nobody knew me and I could just be me with no filtering or need to hide.  Everything was ok!  I felt such freedom!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


San Anselmo, CA

Katrina is a wonderful listener with a warm, giving, glow. I liked the purposeful exercises including the worksheets. Combining the visioning and writing ideas down on paper was surprisingly effective. Then, when Katrina led us deeper into meditation, I was able to really clear my mind and go deep! I feel more awake to my inner voice.”

Anonymous by Request, Retreat Participant

Golden, CO

More About Me

Playful Nature Sprite, Artist, Free Spirit, Professional Coach, Spiritual Practitioner

My Life Vision:  Rich, Heart-Full Celebration!

My Life Purpose:  Bringing Spirit to Life™

I love my life. I love Life! My life vision is expressed in all of my relationships and it is people most importantly that make my heart sing, as well as being in and of the cosmic dance of the divine, being the nature sprite close to the elements – whether it be forest or beach, dancing, moving, playing with paint on canvas (you can check out my paintings here), expressing Love, chilling with the four-leggeds and of course CHOCOLATE!

In addition to my individual coaching practice, I also work with small businesses, non-profits and teams, including pro-bono work for the Wahatoya Community Initiative internship program.  My beloved goddess sister’s Kim, Ruth, Kristina and I facilitate Dancing with Nature Retreats at magical Sulphur Springs Ranch, near La Veta, CO.

I am here to love, to allow and to teach. I am committed to Bringing Spirit to Life™ thru teaching, life coaching, speaking and painting. I know we are each a magnificent, beautiful, unique, individualized expression of Spirit and by awakening to our True Nature and living from our authentic Being we serve Spirit, ourselves, our communities and the planet.

Here’s to the adventure called Life! Enjoy.

Katrina is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Intuitive Artist, Minister, MBA from Boston University, and has 20+years experience teaching and supporting people to be the best and most of who they are. She served as Spiritual Director of the San Francisco Spiritual Enrichment Center (now called Center for Spiritual Living Ashbury Heights) from January 2002 thru August 2009. Her current endeavors find her coaching individual clients, teaching, painting and traveling. She is currently accepting a select few new individual coaching clients.

“Challenges derive from the human mind desiring to push forward or overcome, Divine Mind knows no challenges, in Grace there are only abounding opportunities to experience more Love.” – Katrina

Let's Connect. Set up your 30-minute complimentary session. Now is the time. This is the place. Bring your spirit to life!

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